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As one of the first Interior Plantscapers in the region, Plantations set the standards for the most trusted quality products and services. Since 1974, our business has grown steadily, without compromising the personal touch that separates us from our competitors. We believe that our steady growth and high employee retention rate mean that doing things a little differently works well for us. And the process serves our customers better: efficient teamwork replaces the departmental run-around found elsewhere

Our comprehensive hands-on approach means managers and sales people co-work in all divisions of our business. This helps us provide seamless execution: before, during and after the sale. Communication increases accountability, and helps with fine-tuning. At the service level, real-time communication among team members – and directly with the client and contact – are vital to the customer service details we manage.

But we also feel it is important to continuity and client satisfaction for the client to have access to the executive team. Plantations’ team approach to our business goes all the way to the executive level. The team at all levels working together coordinating business goals; design and purchasing directions; sales development; and customer solutions. Decisions and troubleshooting – as well as details related to customer preferences – are always shared between at least two executives or managers; as well as your on-site technician.

In this way we can facilitate common purpose and good communication, while maintaining individual responsibilities. With all this overlap, you can always speak to someone at Plantations who is familiar with your account and can speak to your issue.

Meet Our Team

 Ryan M. Kincaid

Vice President, Director of Sales

Ryan is a DC area native and has been with Plantations for over 10 years. Ryan’s primary responsibility is sales development; as well as overall supervision of the exterior landscape division. He manages hiring, training and safety issues across departments. He has worked hard to develop unique solutions, including our new dynamic lighting program, Lightspeed Creations. His background in sales and project management ensure that our customers’ projects run smoothly and deliver the highest quality results.

Highlighted Programs

Plantations leads the industry with innovative programs and creative design approaches. Many of our programs are not only beautiful, but allow for more flexibility when you have limitations for water, lighting, temperature, or access.
(Think: cold lobby, CEO’s balcony shrubs, limited maintenance budget, or secure area solutions.)


Green Roofs

Green roofs continue to gain popularity in our area. But they need a little TLC to avoid looking weedy. Plantations works with clients throughout the region on plant selection and maintenance - committed to best practices as green roof technology evolves.


Living Art

Interior plants don’t need to be boring. Plantations’ Living Art program incorporates live plants with natural elements like mosses, rocks, branches, dried pods, and gourds to devise one-of-a-kind displays that are beautiful, environmentally friendly and often more economical than traditional flower rotations.


Enhanced Florals

Stately orchids and cheerful tropical flowers are perennial favorites with our clients. In the hands of our expert design staff, these already gorgeous flowers are elevated to works of art in hand crafted arrangements meant to catch the eye of tenants and visitors alike.


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