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We believe that Plantations’ success comes from a commitment to something besides the sales. Teamwork, positivity, and social responsibility are an important part of making our hard work count for something extra!

Positive employment practices: We have an unmatched employee retention rate, because we value the input and effort of everyone on the team. Our unique management system encourages feedback from all levels of staff. Employees at every level – including supervisors and managers – work side by side in major installations.

Respectful and Inclusive: We have a multicultural staff, comprised of various beliefs and backgrounds. We respect all of our customers, and the many ways they contribute to our diverse and vibrant local culture. Washington is at its best when we all work together.

Earth friendly approaches: We promote and practice environmentally conscious choices. Plant offerings (even downtown!) can include native plants, pollinator gardens, and green roofs. We lead the industry in creative new directions. Our Hybrids and Living Art programs offer low water, low light, and non-temperature sensitive décor, to accommodate buildings with energy saving features. We have gorgeous solutions for reception areas to avoid the wastefulness of cut flowers (Cut flowers, although beautiful, fly halfway across the world for a week of display before disposal.) And we even offer options for attractive plant containers made from recycled materials.

Culturally sensitive display options: Although Plantations offers a full menu of Christmas décor options – from traditional to “cutting edge” – we continue to expand our offerings to appeal to everyone’s preferences. We lead the industry, providing the most choices for culturally neutral Winter Holiday displays. For those who don’t want traditional Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah decorations, we concentrate on improving our many selections for cheerful natural décor to celebrate the transition from fall to winter.

Energy conscious lighting displays for community gatherings: Plantations has developed a very successful lighting division, Lightspeed Creations, providing dynamic display lighting for events, holidays, or year-round excitement. All of our lighting products are energy saving LEDs. We are the only local provider and programmer for the LED display system seen in the Crystal City Waterpark. Our installation is set up for daily use, and the programing changes frequently. Our Lighting installations in several of Alexandria, VA’s public spaces encourage community gathering and promote extended evening use of areas that would otherwise be underutilized after normal business hours.

Earth Day: Plantations provides Earth Day programs for hundreds of local property manager events. Our gift programs and hosted events help generate environmental awareness. We provide educational support related to the plant industry. We have information on native plants and pollinator gardens, as well as the best practices for your home garden. Our customized gifts and raffle prizes allow property managers to create a fun spring event for their office tenants.

LEED points: We are a preferred vendor for LEED buildings, and have been involved with their goals from the program’s inception. See our list of practices below.

Local engagement and community care: The vast majority of our staff lives within a 5 mile radius of our Arlington headquarters, so we each have a vested interest in the values and environmental concerns of the Arlington and DC communities. Our behind-the-scenes business practices include:

  • Recycling: We generate a minimum of landfill trash with our comprehensive recycling of all materials – including used plastic grow pots, cardboard, paper, plastic, and yard waste.
  • Composting: Our crews schedule transportation of waste to our off-site composting partner, for all left over materials from interior and exterior landscaping jobs.
  • Reuse it! Our unique seasonal system values processes that allow for minimal waste creation. We take great care of our extensive Holiday inventory, keeping it efficiently and carefully stored off site, and protected from the elements, as soon as it is taken down. This has allowed us to get many extra years out of items that most companies use and discard annually.
  • Share it! Our color rotations and poinsettias – as well as spare nursey plants, overgrown items, and used pottery – get a second life with constant giveaways to our neighbors and local community.
  • Carpool! Encouragement and facilitation of less auto use. We carpool, and send work crews in the smallest, most efficient vehicles appropriate to the task. We offer reimbursement for METRO usage for service techs with downtown watering routes.
  • Technology best practices. Subsidizing the most up-to-date technology use: we reimburse all regular employees for the use of camera-equipped smart phones. This allows us to efficiently communicate in real-time about issues and questions encountered on the job. It allows us to supervise jobs without adding more car trips, and to make sure we have what we need to avoid extra trips.
  • Efficient office processes. We use the latest secure technology to allow for your financial arrangements to be paperless. We handle internal and external processes digitally whenever possible. We are flexible – accommodating our invoicing set up to your billing systems and preferences – meeting you wherever your office is on the technology continuum. We can email, postal mail, or both. We accept payments by mail, email, bank transfer, and credit card.
  • Local company. Our North Arlington greenhouse headquarters means our drive times and carbon emissions impact is lower than any other plantscaper in the region.

Our Core Values

We take personal pride in our projects, working with commercial clients throughout Metro DC. Every job has unique challenges, and we are known for our creative problem solving. Our ability to collaborate, and our positive employment practices make us one of the most respected vendors in the industry. We bring our years of professionalism, talent, and expertise – as well as an open mind – to any partnership.