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Our Clients

Plantations understands the unique demands and unusual situations presented in serving our clients in the National Capital area. We have established long-lasting partnerships with the most well-known and influential names in the Washington, DC area. Out of discretion, of course, we won’t name them here. But these clients trust is to help enhance their important images; and provide secure, reliable servicing for their flagship buildings, international headquarters, and iconic sports venues.

Our clients not only rely on us for award quality landscaping and Holiday displays – but they depend on our expertise in providing fast, creative solutions to unanticipated challenges or unique situations. Unexpected owner site visit? Unforeseen crowd damage? Demanding new tenant? Sudden vehicular, weather, or construction damage to plantings? Short notice leasing tour? We have seen it all; and customers enthusiastically praise our responsiveness, creativity, and unrivaled professionalism.

Our client list includes: commercial real estate leaders, internationally known law firms, national associations, prominent engineers, architects and designers, and some of the most well-trafficked retail, public, and private spaces in the area.

Property Management

We specialize in service packages for Class A buildings and LEED friendly approaches.

Commercial real estate portfolio services require a unified approach and meticulous coordination.  Our comprehensive packages are perfectly tailored for property managers. We provide single vendor accountability for all landscaping, floral and holiday needs. Interior plants and containers, exterior landscaping, seasonal rotations, tenant gifts, holiday décor…We handle all of these services under a streamlined management umbrella.

Plantations is your trusted and accountable project manager for a variety of related services. Our unique approach means your customer service and sales contact with Plantations is the same across departments. We know your buildings and preferences – you know we can meet your deadlines and budgets.

Tenant Office Plants

Rapid response – flexible contracts – expert design – and friendly familiar faces!

From small footprint boutique offices to sprawling multi-story corporations, Plantations provides interior plant services to upscale office tenants throughout the region.  We know that flexibility is important to most of our clients – so we offer short-term to multi-year lease and maintenance programs designed to meet any budget.

Our team also understands that security and discretion are extremely important to office managers. Each of our interior plant techs has passed background checks and received months of training with a Plantations interior supervisor with over 5 years of experience.

Office managers can arrange to have the same tech arrive weekly at an appointed time – no uniformed strangers or untrained, unfamiliar faces roaming your offices.

Retail and Multi-use

Creating cost effective, high impact displays for public spaces can be challenging. Plantations has great ideas, with over 40 years of experience. With our cross-department problem solving, we can help you disguise construction; route traffic; reduce noise; and create an inviting atmosphere.

Plantations continues to provide incredible lighting displays, gorgeous landscaping and customized holiday décor for some of the best-known town centers, shopping malls, concert venues, public parks and residential complexes in Metro DC.

Our staff has the experience to handle any project – no matter the size or scale.

Hospitality- Hotels and Restaurants

Stylish strategic upgrades – expertly designed and sensibly priced!

We are experienced at making you look your best for customers. Whether it’s traditional holiday décor, custom live arrangements, or specialty lighting, we have what you need.

Last minute event in a totally unique venue? Plantations’ experienced staff, immense inventory, and quick response time will make sure that your space is always ready for guests.

Architecture and Design Firms

We have 40+ years’ experience working in DC’s wide variety of building styles – as well as entering a project at all stages of the design continuum. We specialize in making your high impact ideas materialize. And we follow up with exceptional service.

Innovative collaboration has made Plantations the favorite choice of local experts in the building trades.  Leading architect, design, and engineering firms not only recommend us to their clients; they contract us for their own services.


We know what looks good today and what lasts.  We’re in touch with the latest trends in plants and containers – and we work with vendors around the country who can help achieve the special look designers and architects have specified for their clients.

Rooftop oases, green walls, built-in planters, green roofs, one-of-a-kind containers… Plantations has partnered with design teams to make all these ideas come to life.